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Looking for a reliable and affordable removal service in Staines-upon-Thames, Egham Hythe, or Laleham (TW18)? Look no further than Jacobs and Co Removals. We are your go-to movers, dedicated to providing a stress-free and budget-friendly moving experience.

The local area of Staines-upon-Thames, Egham Hythe, and Laleham offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm. Situated on the banks of the River Thames, this area is known for its scenic riverside walks and picturesque views. Staines-upon-Thames is also home to Staines Bridge, a historic landmark that has spanned the river for centuries.

With a rich local history, this area has been inhabited since ancient times. Staines-upon-Thames was an important Roman settlement known as "Ad Pontes," referring to the bridges that connected the area. Today, it has grown into a thriving community with a range of amenities and attractions.

At Jacobs and Co Removals, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient house move or office relocation. As your trusted local movers, we offer a reliable man and van service that caters to your specific needs. Our experienced team is here to make your move stress-free and hassle-free, taking care of all the logistics.

Our fully equipped vans are specifically designed to ensure the safe transport of your belongings. Equipped with trolleys and blankets, we handle your items with the utmost care throughout the moving process. Our helpful and patient staff are experienced in handling all types of moves, providing a seamless transition to your new location.

In addition to our removal services, we offer a range of packing materials to help you prepare for your move. From sturdy boxes to bubble wrap and tape, we have everything you need to ensure your belongings are packed securely. We even provide specialized piano shoes for moving grand pianos, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable instrument.

When it comes to navigating the local roads in Staines-upon-Thames, Egham Hythe, and Laleham, we are well-acquainted with the area. Some of the notable roads in this region include Staines Road, Thames Street, Laleham Road, Egham Hythe Bypass, and Penton Hook Road. Our knowledge of these local roads enables us to provide efficient and reliable moving services.

Discover the stress-free and professional services of Jacobs and Co Removals by exploring the reviews from our satisfied customers. Choose us for your house move or office relocation in Staines-upon-Thames, Egham Hythe, and Laleham (TW18). Contact us today to discuss your moving requirements, and let our experienced team handle every aspect of your move. Trust us to make your move a seamless and affordable one.

How often we encounter a situation when a reliable assistant is needed nearby who can help in moving, - to transfer things to another apartment, to take down the piano from the 5th floor, or to carry out professional cargo transportation by ground transport and help load and unload personal belongings at the airport.

As a rule, we ask ourselves this question when suddenly there is a need to change your place of residence, buy new real estate, move from one city to another, or when you just carry a lot of things to the airport.

Of course, everyone will have faithful friends, but, let's be honest, not all of our loved ones regularly visit the gym and are able to instantly help in transporting things or furniture without additional reward.

Time does not stand still and nowadays a professional service for the transportation of things and furniture is very common, including in Staines, ​​which you can order from our company.

How to order transportation of belongings and furniture in Staines?

You can make an application via email, chat on the website or by phone, sending the following information:

  • Transportation date

  • Number of boxes, furniture or the approximate volume of things (cubic meters, name and number of items)

  • Shipping address and final destination

  • The presence of items requiring special packaging and transportation (oversized cargo for example)

  • Floor and location of the apartment

Having received the initial data, our specialist will contact you and specify the necessary information for the selection of the appropriate vehicle for the transfer.

You can buy the necessary packing material yourself or leave these troubles to us. 

How is the transportation of goods and belongings carried out?

After receiving all the necessary data, we recommend making an appointment with our specialist to assess the volume of items transported and the cost of our services. The required amount of packaging material will be calculated.

We undertake the coordination with the municipality of the provision of parking for unloading/loading things for the period of service.

At the agreed time, we will provide transport of the required size with loaders who will dismantle furniture, load your belongings from the office or apartment into the car in accordance with the accepted procedures.

At the destination, we will collect your furniture, bring in all your personal belongings and install the furnishings in the right order.

The cost of unloading/loading and moving services.

The cost of work is determined based on the following factors:

  • the volume of transported items and furniture

  • distance from point of loading to point of unloading

  • presence or absence of an elevator

  • type of cargo transported (oversized, fragile, etc.)

For an accurate calculation, it is recommended to make an estimate which is carried out free of charge with the help of our specialist.

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