Packing Service

Packing Service

Need help packing ?

Packing up your belonging can be a very time consuming task.Why not let a professional packing and moving company do it for you? Jacobs and Co have years of experience in packing for domestic moves and export.Whilst the majority of the work we do, for local house and office moves involves packing boxes, we can also wrap furniture. Although furniture gets wrapped in removal blankets whilst in transit, some clients prefer having special or expensive items wrapped individually in bubble blanket (Furni- guard) , bubble wrap or cellophane wrap. When it comes time for packing up give us a call on 0208 935 5949 and we will be happy to make an appointment for a site visit.

Packing material delivered.

In some cases clients prefer to pack some personal items themselves or pack as they go and leave the kitchen or fragile items for us to pack. No matter your requirement, we are happy to assist. Boxes, bubble wrap, tape can be delivered well in advance of the moving date , allowing the client to pack in their own time if they so prefer. We also offer a service to collect the (used) boxes once you have finished with them.

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